Collection: Wind Chimes

DETAILS of Corinthian Bells

Corinthian Bells® windchimes are the first in a new generation of windchimes to combine excellence in design with incredible tones and resonance. These are visually and acoustically exceptional chimes; we believe that they are the best chimes on the market today. The centrally suspended heavy-walled aluminum tubes along with the high density striker give these chimes their outstanding tones and resonance. The tubes are powder coated to match the dome and wind sail, giving a complete finished look to the chime.

Time and Again by Russ carries 2 primary colors, Black and Copper Vain. 

* SPECIAL ORDER: Corinthian Bells® are available in ten sizes, with each size available in as many as six colors. Contact Russ if you are interested in different sizes or colors.

DETAILS of Arias Elite Wooden Chimes (Limited Supply)

* The Arias Elite line has been retired.  They will no longer be available for purchase.  I have a very limited supply...When they are gone...they are gone.